Monday, July 6, 2009

Active Rest

During high school, my track coach used to assign "active rest days". These were days that we took a rest from what we normally did (running), to be active in some other sport (biking, pick-up game of soccer/frisbee/volleyball, roller blading, swimming, walking), whatever your heart desired, as long as you were active! These days were usually Sundays after a meet, which was a perfect day to rest.

This past weekend, I feel like I had an active rest weekend.

I rested from:

Chicago suburbs, friends, my immediate family although I missed them, normalcy (if you could call transitioning into the unknown "normal"), planning, applying for jobs, schedules, thinking about my future, wearing make up/earrings/clothes (we lived in our swimsuits), tv/movies (surprisingly, we didn't watch any this wknd!!), showering (the lake was our shower), my workout schedule, answering my phone, computer/internet access, shopping, doing laundry, driving, running errands, paying bills, and just your everyday worries and concerns!

I checked all those at the door and enjoyed active rest of:

Walking in the Northwoods, Attending the Three Lakes Parade, Watching Fireworks (both professional and our own), Jet Skiing (for the 1st time!), Kayaking, Swimming across the lake, Tubing (w/6 tubes), Hot Dogging, Wakeboarding (yeah, I got up and stayed up!), SPEED volleyball, Cornhole Tournament, Garbage, Team Nertz game, Catch Phrase, Connect Four, Password, WOW Cranium (did I ever mention that Waterman's like to play games?), staying up late, sleeping in, spending time with 27 family members and friends, meeting and enjoying cutie petutie 1-year old Rubie, reading a book, journaling, listening to God, laying out and enjoying talking with my cousins, and loving the fabulous "want to be outdoors till the sunsets" days!! :)

I am now rested and rejuvenated to return to a life of "normalcy"!