Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another Year Older, Another Year Wiser?

Well, here's to 26! A lot has happened from 25 to 26. Moved out. Moved to Lombard with two amazing friends and roomies, Rachael and Amber! Live close-by to 4 wonderful guy friends: Dan, Adam, Phil, and Mike. Found a new Dr. who has truly been a blessing! My sis, Melissa, got married! I traveled to Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota. Rode the megabus. Made some new friends. Watched seasons 1-6 of 24 (embarrased to admit to it!) Played violin in many musical venues. Formed many meaningful relationships with my kids. Learned to wakeboard. Went caving. Went geo-caching for the first time. Learned how to live in a professional, dog-eat-dog world. Lost some of my innocence. Volunteered my time at a local homeless shelter. Discovered my love for learning and teaching reading. Watched some "Friends"...ok a lot of "Friends"! Learned that my greatest weaknesses are also my greatest strengths. Went to my first Twins game. Fell in love. Just kidding about that last one, just seeing if you're paying attention. Went to some great concerts...Over the Rhine! Worked my 2nd year at the Falcon Classic. Went to the Mall of America (seriously don't get all the hype). Played whirlyball. Discovered new musical artists that I love. Got a new puppy, Kody! Experienced rockband. Learned to let go. Have a greater love for my family. Learned that I have some amazing friends (they were amazing when I was 24, just that much more amazing!) :)
Experienced the Lord as creator God, the God who heals, the God who comforts, the God who gives and takes away, the God who is unchanging. Learned that there is so much more ahead of me. Here's to a fresh start, a new year!