Sunday, September 20, 2009

Autumn Air

My roommate Amber just wrote a post about fall and asked "What reminds you of fall?" She has inspired this post. I'll try to stick to 13, just the same as Amber.

Here's what makes me think of Fall:

1. Freshly sharpened pencils
2. Labor Day at the Dells with the Watermans (missed it this year)
3. Concerts
4. Jonathan's Soccer Games
5. Brown Sweaters and Comfy Hoodys
6. Crisp, cool, autumn air: the smell of cross country season
7. Leaves in an array of fall colors to view, to jump into, and to crunch under foot
8. Football
9. Apple-picking, caramel apple dip, pumpkin bread, apple cider, a good cuppa, and my new faves: pumpkin muffins and apple chai at Starbucks! :)
10. Costume Parties
11. Bronchitus (I'm hoping to break that tradition this year).
12. Retreats
13. New beginnings

How about you?