Friday, January 9, 2009

Days of Blessing

This is how my New Years Resolution of blessing is going:

Monday: Honestly, my blessings were even sad. I had to work hard to even come up with that list and even I am bored reading it.
Tuesday: Came home and burst into tears. That speaks for itself.
Wednesday: Called in sick, because I felt so sick about school that I physically could not get out of bed. This wasn't oversleeping (believe me, I know oversleeping).
Wednesday Night: Someone helped me reframe, so I could face Thursday morning. Basically told me to "fake it till I make it".
Thursday and Friday: AMAZING! :) (I could list them all, but there were too many to count!) Great day with my kids and making some breakthroughs with my lowest group. I had NINE (9!) great conversations with staffmembers. (Not even "pleasant" or "cordial", but GREAT!) I was able to have my school store, a (belated) Christmas party, and give my (belated) Christmas gifts. (I think I will always give Christmas gifts to my kids after Christmas...everything is 50% off or more. Seriously spent like 2 hours in the dollar store). I was at school very early and went home at an almost decent hour both days. I was healthy and happy. I almost ate part of my lunch before 5PM. I even exchanged a few pleasantries with my boss.

Thanks for those that were praying!

I had an epiphany about plans for this summer/next year. More to come...


Rachael Monts said...

Yay! PRAISE GOD! I'm so glad that Thursday and Friday were such great days for you!!! :) :) :) :) :)