Friday, January 9, 2009

A Girl's Night

I just finished my lovely girls night.
I know what you're thinking:
a sleepover, a few chic flicks, a pillow fight, chocolate, candles, girl talk, nail painting, and hair braiding.

Not this girl's, girl's nite. Let me enlighten you. The nite consisted of:
pizza, a movie, Mariocart Wii, snow diving, and frisbee.

A spontaneous "girl's night" fell it turned into a "night". I was with my family. We had pizza and I got caught up in a movie with my parents. Bruce Almighty was on tv and I had only seen it once before. (It's a great movie, BTW.) When the movie ended, Jonathan wanted to play me in a quick (4 game tourney) of MarioCart Wii, before I left to meet up with Sarah and Rachael. Well, I lost and my brother was talkin smack, so I wanted to put him in his place. I took him on again (another 4 games) and lost. I wanted to play again (I'm not competitive at all), so I played while texting Rach to see what they were doing. (Yes, I caved and started paying 5$/month for texts). I found out they were just talking. When it came between going out in the cold to talk (I love you girls) or staying home and playing Wii. It was a tough choice...but Wii won. I'm not sure how many more tourneys we played, but I will tell you that I did not finish any of them. At this point, my dad had asked us to take Kody on a walk (and hyped up the dog with the w*** word), so we had no choice. But to his credit, he joined us, along with my mom.

Let me explain to you my 13-year-old brother's definition of a walk. It consists playing catch with a frisbee or football and little walking. He asked me if he should bring a light-up frisbee or football. I said neither, that I'm just going for a walk. Then he brought a light-up frisbee. He said, "I thought someone would end up playing with me." Someone as in me. So my nice, quiet walk turned into a long game of catch. Regardless, it was a lot of fun. We ended up coming up with calls, so he would know which direction to run. "Hang right." "Hang left." "Dive right". "Dive left." Pretty simple, but it turned into: "LEFT, LEFT, LEFT," "RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT," "DIVE, DIVE, DIVE". I suggested that he try diving into a snow drift to catch the frisbee. (Notice, I suggested it to him, but did not volunteer. Don't worry, his wild throws sent me retrieving many a frisbee from snow-covered yards.) We set up the perfect diving spot on the way my neighbor's front yard. It took us about 30 tries. I had to use baseball terminology to get this kid to work with me. He may have me whipped in MarioCart Wii, but he could learn a thing or 2 from me with frisbee. By the 33rd time, we had it and called it a night. We also left a huge grass mark in my neighbor's snow-covered yard. Good thing she likes us.

And that is this girl's perfect girl's night.
And she lived happily ever after. THE END.